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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  May 10, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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and joining us is the executive director of the organization, freedom to marry. let me get your reaction to some of the fallout today. while many republicans have remained silent for the most part regarding the president's big interview, we saw these moves last night in the house. nancy pelosi said it all happened in the dark of night. >> unfortunately, mitt romney seems to be staking out a position that is more extreme than even dick cheney and george w. bush. cheney supported the right to marry. mitt romney is actual promoting constitutional amendments. marriage civil union partnership and has yet to find a measure that is in support of gay people's equality and participation. >> it was just 24 hours ago we got word that the president's stance changes. anything mitt romney said or for the matter, would it be a great surprise? >> i think it is a surprise. >> did you think he would change
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his position because the president changed? >> while president obama was evolving, mitt romney has been revolving and he now seems to be settling on a position that is way out of step with where the majority of americans are. certainly where a majority of independents are and even where republicans are headed. it is very sad to see these attacks on families. >> i want to play more of the president's remarks. regarding his family and how they played a role in his evolution. let me play that, please. >> there have been times where michelle and i have been sitting around the dinner table and we've been talking about their friends and their parents. and malia and sasha, it wouldn't dawn on them that somehow their friends' parents would be treated differently. it doesn't make sense to them. and frankly, that's the kind of thing that prompts a change of perspective. >> i have to till, a lot of people talked about this portion of the interview.
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when you go personal in explaining your decision for anything, that's in many cases the heart. it is the younger generation who says that interracial marriage should be criminal and blacks should not have the right to vote and women should stay in the kitchen bare foot and pregnant. these antiquated and ignorant things that were once a part of our fiber, sadly. you hear the president talk about his future. his daughters. >> it bursts my heart to see the president be only exercising the moral leadership and his convictions when fighting for fairness and freedom and families but to talk from the heart and to talk about the conversations the first family, michelle and his daughters have had. because that's exactly the same kinds of heartfelt conversations that have moved americans across the country. people can recognize in what the president said last night, the journey of understanding that so many others have been on. >> the question also is what's next for republicans. do they really want to fight
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here. the rnc released a statement saying we call for a constitutional amendment that fully protects marriages. a union of man and women so the judge cannot make an arrangement equivalent to it. in the absence of a national amendment, we support the right of the people of the various states to affirm traditional marriage through state initiatives. he is not pushing for any federal decision here. nonetheless, this is still very complicated. those who are opposed to same sex marriage have come out the victors. >> first the idea that anybody's fundamental freedoms in america should be put up to a vote. the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion. the freedom to marry is really not the way our country is supposed to operate. >> that's in opposition to what the president is saying. >> he is correct in that marriage licenses are issued by the states. we get married according to the laws of new york or new jersey et cetera. it is also true that we all have a federal constitution that
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protects all of us. we're not 50 separate kingdoms. we're one country. and all families should be secure and protected no matter what state they're living in, no matter where their kids are going to school. >> evan, thank you very much. greatly appreciate it. while the president's words were clear, the debate over the risks and rewards of his decision certainly rages on. there are many people today on talk radio and perhaps even somewhere you are right now discussing if the president's decision will alienate african-american voters. particularly those who are more religious who quite honestly split right down the middle when asked about same sex marriage. also the back lash or the benefit for mitt romney. let me bring in our guests that we have. i believe we have the reverend al sharpton as well as nationally syndicated talk show host michael customer could beish. we're waiting for the reverend al sharpton to talk about the dust-up over the black community and whether it is hype or not. that some might turn on this president. let me start with you. regarding the fallout today.
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do you see any real tremors? what are people saying to you when they're calling in on the radio show? >> well, i've just had two hours of conversation on this. and people are passionate about the issue. i sense there is more passion from those who are in opposition. the polls suggest that it is 50/45 in terms of americans who are supportive as compared to those who are not. i think the 50 is more casual, softer support than the 45% who still seem pretty hardened in their view. i believe, tamron, this will be a wash for the president. i think that largely those that he loses on this issue were never going to support him any way. and that in the end, that african-american support is still going to be there for him. i'll be anxious to hear what reverend al says in that regard. >> we've got the reverend al on the phone. thank you for joining us will. >> thank you. >> i've read a ton of articles today. i've listened to radio. i've had people send e-mails questioning or wondering what will happen sunday morning in
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some of the largest african-american churches in this country. we're not monolithic. we do not all think alike. what are you hearing? >> i'm doing my syndicated radio show right now, tamron. there has been mixed reaction. i must say though. i remember about seven years ago when i was running and had come out for same sex marriage. i faced a lot more opposition than i'm hearing today. there will be opposition and i think some of the large church pastors will come out in opposition. i do not think that it will sway anybody that has not already opposed this. i do not think, i agree that this will be a wash for the president. i also think a lot of people that a few years ago were very passionately opposed had now in many ways taken a different position. because i think the issue here is not a religious position. you can be religiously opposed to something.
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the question is whether you feel it should be the law of the land. that has been the position a lot of us have taken. a position i took up the other day. if we're going by the bible, why are we making second marriages against the law? why don't we bring prohibition back? who decides where religious biblical mandates should become law? which ones we choose, which ones we don't? >> it's interesting. you say some of these megachurch people. some of the ministers who have these large congregations may come out. what are they going to tell their congregation? not to vote for this president? is the option mitt romney? is the option then stay home? what are they going to tell them if they're in opposition here? there was one article that said if african-americans had a great issue with same sex marriage or civil unions, they would have left the democratic party a little bit ago. >> i agree with that. not only what are they going to tell them. are they going to say therefore we throw away the interests of this country? many of which we are
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disproportionately in need of because we have some theological or religious disagreement. and i think that those that do that should be where they're going to be significant pushback from many of us that will challenge on this. so do not assume this is going to be one way fight. there will be people on both sides of this fighting to make sure people come out and vote. >> reverend al, i know you have your radio show. i appreciate you finding a few minutes for us. thank you. let me bring back michael smerconish. i want to play what tony perkins with the family research council said about it. with mitt romney possibly benefiting from the president's historic announcement. let me play it. >> i think mitt romney today was handed the key to not only solidifying support among social conservatives, but beyond that, to conservative socially oriented voters across party lines. >> is that wishful thinking, michael? >> it might not be.
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but that's not too holds the key to the election. it is not those who are the most ardent conservatives. as you and i have discussed repeatedly. 70% of this country seems like it is already steadfast on one side or the other. does it benefit mitt romney with the 30%? no. i don't think that it does. if anything it helps the president among the independent thinkers who look at this issue. >> quickly though, the they've put a list of seven states they believe the president could experience so-called gay marriage grief. north carolina, which we know obviously why. florida, colorado, nevada, iowa, missouri, ohio. those are the seven states of possible grief there. would this all have been anticipated and expected even before the president uttered his comments to robin? >> it would have been and i'm hard pressed to think of the voter in any of those states who was predisposed to voting for obama who is now going to go in a different direction.
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i don't see it happening. i think it is a wash. >> all right. thank you so much. greatly appreciate it. i'll talk to you later. thank you. president obama launches a new attack on mitt romney, slamming romney for trying to take credit for the auto bailout. at least part of the auto bailout. plus, just in time for mother's day. governor romney has a gift for women voters. >> ann romney raised five boys. she successfully battled breast cancer and multiplesclerosis. what does white house insider hillary rosen say? >> you can find my twitter page. [ male announcer ] research suggests the health of our cells plays a key role throughout our entire lives. ♪ one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin, designed for many of men's health concerns as we age. ♪ it has more of seven antioxidants
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while the dividing line
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between obama and mitt romney is crystal clear, the president is colliding with romney on other issues. among them, romney's statement this week that, quote, i'll take a lot of credit for the fact the auto industry has come back. the president fired back in his interview with "good morning america's" robin roberts. >> i think this is one of his etch a sketch moments. i don't think anybody takes that seriously. people remember his position, which is let's let detroit go bankrupt. >> cnbc contributor keith boykin, conservative radio talk show host. steve deace, thank you. you're the conservative here. i have to preface it by saying you're a republican. you're a conservative and you are no fan of mitt romney. did you see that little smile the president, just ready for this auto bailout theme to come out so he could hit that one out of the park. he pulled a babe ruth. he pointed and hit it out of the park there. >> i think we're going to see in
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the end, this election will come down to whether or not mitt romney can make the case are you better off than you are four years ago or barack obama can make the case, really that question is irrelevant because mitt romney can't be trusted. he's taken every side of every issue. i think this is really going to be a replay of 2004 with barack obama making many of the same arguments against mitt romney that george w. bush made against john kerry and vice versa. and i think the clip you played i think is evidence of that. and i don't think we'll get a final verdict on this until october when the two men are on a stage together and the american people get a chance to size them both up at the same time and determine which one of their cases they believe and which one of the individuals they believe is more credible. >> in this day of 24 hours news, this isn't 1960. these things live on forever. you can go on youtube, twitter, anything you can click. you see the statements. you cannot pretenld it didn't happen. >> you can't pretend it didn't happen.
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this is big a issue. this is one of the two big issues the obama administration has been highlighting. joe biden made the comment that osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. that's a reflection of what the obama campaign wants to focus on during the campaign. and here you have mitt romney who said not only allow detroit go bankrupt. he said if gm, ford and chrysler get a bailout, you can kiss the auto industry goodbye. so his prediction was completely wrong. if we had listened to him we would have lost almost a million joks in the midwest and that's not what the american people need. >> i'm curious. your audience, mostly conservative since you're a conservative radio show host. is that at all bothering them that mitt romney at least according to the president and others clearly is trying to reinvent his own words. and to your own words, that is part of the peril he faces with this reputation, in many cases, factually presented and proven that he has changed on so many things.
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>> well, listen, i want to welcome the rest of america to the mitt romney that those of us in the conservative movement have watched for the last five years running for president. there will be a lot more moments lying this. i don't want to speak for every conservative, i will report back to you what i see. what i see is that most of my audience would prefer not to even recognize who the republican nominee is. and just focus on the fact that they would like to get rid of obama. if it was up to them, mitt romney would stop campaigning and then change his name to not obama so we could run not obama this fall. keith is laughing but that's a great concern. if these conservatives you're referring to, and you're absolutely right. i hate when people try to make all black people think the same, all women. so by what you're saying here, if the only goal is to get this one person out. how in the heck can you claim you love this country when you're only focused on one person. not the ideas. not the concepts. not even the vision for this. only to get one person out of
2:18 pm
office. how do you claim to love this country? >> people on our side of this debate. you're not talking to somebody who is an anybody but obama. >> i got you. >> i think that they view this president as a symbol of what they see as a declining civilization. an esion of what they view is traditional americana. and they view him as the point person on this. and my regret is -- >> what's traditional americana? tell me what that is. what is traditional americana? >> that would be the idea of limited government. that would be the idea that individual merit is rewarded. the idea of judeo-christian values. the constitution is not a living, breathing document. things that have united people. >> keith boykin's mouth has hit this desk. >> i don't understand when people say traditional america. let's take america back. it seems they're saying let's take it back from this black guy who is the president of the united states. when i hear people making the
2:19 pm
arguments about america is in decline. it is so historical, it makes me gasp. here we have a president who has been in office for just over three years. what has changed in three years? have we created socialism? has he taken away your guns? we had an incredible financial crisis that president obama inherited in 2008. he is trying to dig our way out of it. keep america safe. he is doing the best he can and people are portraying him like he is some sort of kenyan muslim socialist radical. the most ridiculous argument. >> i have to ask but this tweet you single out yesterday regarding the president saying that he supports same sex marriage. you said the fact that homosexual lobby can make a president of the united states come hither who holds real power in democrat party. homosexual lobby. i need you to tell me what that is. >> well, i think it is the people that actually believe, even 10% of what keith was just
2:20 pm
saying. i don't understand what america he lives in. i must have missed the unemployment report. i must have missed the debt ceiling raises. >> did you miss it during the bush administration? some of those things that you've just outlined, the spending, did you miss that before 2008? >> preach it, sister. i'm with you. hey, i'm with you on that. i was leading the revolution on that stuff. >> it didn't happen since 2008 is the point keith and others have tried to make. >> we had two wars in the bush administration we didn't pay for. >> i agree. >> we had the administration that basically ran over civil rights and civil liberties and ignored the constitution, according to a lot of people. and then some people say that president barack obama was trying to clear up the mess that he inherited is somehow worse than president bush. we're talking about a 35% tax rate which is the same as when president obama came into oxs unemployment is going down in this country and yet the
2:21 pm
president is trying to manage the crisis that he inherited. trying to build us out of this and people are upset. we want to give tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires but we don't want to help teachers and educators and people in our country are trying to rebuild this nation. it doesn't make any sense. what kind of priorities are you setting? >> let me say this. if the president wants to make the case with the exact same tone of voice keith just used, he will lose. >> that's why i'm not running for president. >> according to you, steve, mitt romney is going lose the even with that tone or not. so it's a wash. thank you both. i greatly appreciate it. steve, thank you. we'll have to have a to be continued dot dot dot. there's news recording that failed al qaeda bomb plot targeting a u.s. bound airplane. next, we'll get the details. what we're learning about that double agent who helped uncover what could have been a disaster. >> ken and his nephew jeff own whiting's foods which has run
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that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. (sfx: car garage sounds) today my journey brings me to charlotte, north carolina, where i spent the day with geico driver casey mears. i told him the secret to saving money on car insurance. he told me the secret to his car setup. first he adjusts... first he adjusts... (sfx:engine revving drowns out gecko's dialogue) then he... then he... (sfx:loud drilling noise continues to drown out gecko's dialogue) ...and a quarter cup of pineapple juice. or was that the secret to his barbecue sauce? hey, "secret" sauce. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. we're learning more about the identity of spy who helped
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u.s. intelligence officials foil that al qaeda plot to blow up a u.s. bound plane. bob is here with the details. originally this was believed to be the spy tied to ties with saudi arabia. that is not the case. >> it turns out this spy turned bomber was someone with dual nationality. a british national and the british intelligence services more than the saudi intelligence services were crucial to uncovering this plot, infiltrating this dual national and actually thwarting it. what we have been told is that british intelligence, looking at the 2009 attempt to blow up the plane over detroit saw abdul mutallub said this guy isn't very sophisticated. why don't we just insert one of our own. in fact, i am told, that is what happened.
2:26 pm
that this person who was infiltrated with you a british national working with british intelligence and he was the one who carried out the operation. >> british officials cannot be happy that this news has either been leaked or provided to the press. >> no one in the intelligence communities of any of the western security services is happy about this. i can tell you that first has not. >> what does that say that british officials were able to look at the case and say to your point, this is a college kid whose father sounded all these red flags. we can put someone in this critical position here. >> as roger cressey that, a former official said this morning, as we began to learn more about this. he said the brits deserve more tea and crumb pets for this one. not only was the plot thwarted but the director of steshl operations was killed on sun as a result of this.
2:27 pm
>> with the breaking new details in the story. thank you. straight ahead on "news nation" -- >> this was something the president did i think as a matter of conference. we're in a chips fall where they may moment. >> let the chip fall where they may. what does your gut tell you? president obama says it should be up to states to decide whether to legalize same sex marriage. do you agree? plus, we're watching a couple live events this very hour for you. the house just passed a republican plan to reverse defense spending cuts and replace them with cuts to domestic programs. in a few minutes, president obama arrives in seattle going to daner at george clooney's los angeles home tonight. ring story of how a shipping giant can befriend a forest may seem like the stuff of fairy tales. but if you take away the faces on the trees... take away the pixie dust. take away the singing animals,
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welcome back. we begin this half-hour with a mothers today gift from the super pac that supports mitt romney.
2:31 pm
restore our future has put out a brand new ad. it comes as the new polls show obama leading romney among single women by more than 40 points. >> ann romney raised five boys. she successfully battled breast cancer and multiplesclerosis. what does white house insider hilary rosen say about ann romney? >> guess what, his wife has actually never work a day in her life. >> happy mother's day from barack obama's team. >> let's bring in, that ad also shows bill maher. let's talk about the numbers. this usa today gallup poll shows romney among married women voters, 47-43. among single women, president obama, 68%. romney, 24%. what do we learn from these numbers other than the obvious? >> we've known for a while that
2:32 pm
single women are a constituency is president will play well with. we know that married women is a swing group. a target group. especially suburban white married women. that is like the narrowest slice but it is a key demographic group especially in philadelphia and northern virginia and all kinds of other swing places in the country. so those are the kinds of groups that the romney campaign in particular needs to shore up and that the obama campaign will be targeting. >> they obviously feel that ann romney is an effective surrogate with getting these women who are playered, white women who are married living in the suburbs. let me read some of her op ed. she said people often ask me what it was like to raise five boys. i won't sugar coat it. there were time i wanted to tear my hair out. i can remember visiting my friends' houses with their daughters' manners with the way they helped with the chores. then i would return to my boys
2:33 pm
hoping only that my house was still intact. please understand, i'll not diminishing that at all. i could not raise one boy, let alone five. i give it to anybody. >> i'm thinking back to the stuff my brother and i used to do as kids. >> boys are very different creatures than girls for sure. is she -- >> it was a big deal in the '80. >> i have it. i have two brothers. let me ask you, is she an effective surrogate here? >> of course, yeah. she is a very, she is a very effective surrogate. she is humanizing for romney. he plays off her really well. but the thing is, this mommy wars stuff is always, this is just ongoing. this is just something that you've heard about it and read, if you're a woman and have kids or you're a woman and you work. there is always that divide. and this obviously was stirred up a few week ago with the hilary rosen comments. but these women are going to be
2:34 pm
a key target demographic. and that's why you're going to see restore our future and other groups try to bring it back up. >> all right. thank you very much. great seeing you. and you're one tough boy. developing now, president obama getting ready to land in seattle for some star studded fund-raisers on the west coast. the main event, i'm sure you've heard by now. dinner in george clooney's home in studio city. that by the way, the most raised at a single vaeb. on the list to attend, barbra streisand, robert downey jr., toney maguire, and yes, they're criticizing the party. the rnc chairman, with a first term, we can't afford to see the second. if we've learned anything from hollywood is that sequels are always worse. that's what he had to say. >> oh! rim shot.
2:35 pm
i think for $15 million, the dnc and the obama campaign are willing to take the hit from the chairman of the rnc on this one. this is a significant battle lines here. at least familiar battle lines. we will hear republicans criticize the president's and the hollywood parties's nexus. try to use that as a tool for voters in heartland states and even some of those counties that domenico was talking about. let's have a look at the figures and the president's travel itinerary over the next couple days here. you're right. he is about to land in seattle, washington. he has two fund-raisers there. washington state is a blue state. any time the president goes to california, washington or even organize orange there is usually a fundraising component attached. the dave matthews band will help warm thing up for the president on this swigs. there are two fund-raisers in seattle this afternoon. the dave matthews band performing and then later in the afternoon, starmageddon? the studio city mats of george
2:36 pm
clooney. this $15 million figure is in dispute. some say $12 million. others have record $15 million. in either case it would break the $11 million record in los angeles by whom? barbra streisand who sang at a fundraising event there. the president will leave los angeles and then have an official event in reason arena, surrounding the ability to get a mortgage. >> i'm curious. these names, barbra streisand, george clooney, they've been loyal to the democrats. it's not as if they are new supporters of the party. does it appear at all that the white house is even slightly concern that republicans are trying to capitalize again, associating that party with the hollywood elite, if you will? >> well, i don't think so. i think to borrow a term from wall street. the expectations are baked in. priced in. everybody understands that. the democratic party, the obama campaign is perfectly happy to go there and raise money among not just movie stars but hollywood executives and producers as well.
2:37 pm
>> and obviously the timing comes perfectly for the president after his big revelation. >> likely to get a very good reception on that score as well. >> i bet he will. thank you very much. we're also following some developing news. the house of representatives just voted to rescind billions of dollars in automatic cuts to the pentagon budget that are due to hit next january. the vote was 218-199 along party lines. the republican measure would replace those cuts with more cuts to domestic programs including food stamps, meals on wheels, and children's health care. nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell joins us. that was one of the headlines there. that these are now more cuts to domestic program. tell me about what's going on there. >> the battle here is a question about should the defense cuts that were part of that big deal from last summer that set budget limits, should those go forward. when have been a lot of people including leon panetta who has
2:38 pm
expressed concern about the military. they have to plan so far in advance that spending cuts that would kick in in january 2013 they believe would be harmful to military preparedness. the hard part is everybody made that agreement, both parties, last summer. do they stick to it or do they not particular to it? on the senate side, the majority leader harry reid said a deal is a deal. no going back. on the republican house side, they passed this american that you are would make some cuts in domestic program. they claim those programs haven't been reformed in a long time. these are places where cuts could be mated in order to prevent that cut in those defense dollars. of course it was along party line because democrats are concern about those social programs taking a hit in place of defense. leon panetta was asked with this at the pentagon briefing and he had some concerns as well. >> if members try to restore their naifrt programs without regard to an overall strategy, the cuts will have to come from
2:39 pm
areas that could impact overall readiness. >> there is no free lunch here. >> one of the issues will be when does this become the hot button battle in washington. house republicans are trying to deal with it now. senate democrats aren't ready to move on this yet. certainly there is not an agreement on how or if they should try to prevent those defense cuts that would kick in in january. this will be one of those fights to watch with substantive issues dividing the two parties. do they have to live by the deal they made last summer or look forward and make some changes? >> okay. developing news on comment hill. thank you. >> you bet. >> i've got your six. >> i've got your six. >> got your six? do you know what that means? hollywood has come together for a new campaign. and this one is to help our nation's veterans.
2:40 pm
got your six. we'll give you the details. >> first a lot goingdepartment controversial arizona sheriff. the department filed that suit today and wants them to retrain officers in the wake of allegations of racial profiling. he revealed a major effort to overall his office including community outreach and transparency. russia's old and new new president vladimir putin is pulling out of the g-8 summit in maryland next week. he is congratulations his talks to president obama in june. and the white house said he could not attend because he is busy finalizing his cabinet appointments. this came as a surprise because some said it was moved to camp david to accommodate putin. the white house says that's not true. some angry democrats across the country are demanding the democratic national convention be moved out of charlotte, north
2:41 pm
carolina because of the new amendment banning same sex marriage. almost 30,000 people have signed a position on to move that convention. the democratic officials say the event is staying right where it is. in charlotte. and tv viewers in scotland got a royal weather forecast today. prince charles stepped in for the usual weather man at the bbc -- this is not a joke. take a look. >> we're under the influence of low pressure and this weather front pushing north wards is bringing cloud and outbreaks of rain. >> there you have it. >> his wife camilla joined him there. they gave the forecast while visiting the bbc for the 60th year of broadcasting. hi, i'm phil mickelson. i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel.
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2:45 pm
mitt romney pushes back at a troubling tale of prep school bullying. plus, mother's day mean a full-court press for women voters and a republican who wants to help planned parenthood? i didn't believe it either. back to tamron. an unprecedented new campaign to help military veterans is being launched today. hollywood, major tv networks, unions, nonprofit organizations and others are joining forces for the campaign called got your 6. >> i've got your 6. >> i've got your 6. >> in the military, got your 6 means i've got your back. >> i've got your back. >> i've got your 6. >> through jobs, education, housing and more we can support returning military veterans and their families. >> i've got your 6. >> please show your support and prove to a veteran you've got their 6. >> i've got your 6. >> i've got your 6. >> i've got your 6. >> i've got your 6. >> earlier today i spoke with one of the men who is very
2:46 pm
instrumental in that campaign. joining me now, the managing director for got your 6 retired army captain and form he black hawk helicopter captain who was severely injured while serving thissy in afghanistan. thank you. so for your time today. >> thank you for having me. >> absolutely. before we talk about the campaign, i want to talk with you about your life in the military. 2004. you were involved in a helicopter crash. you were near the afghanistan-pakistan border. what happened that day? >> we were conducting operations. our helicopter crashed and flipped upside down. i was pretty severely wounded. i broke both my legs, my foot, my arm. shattered the bones on one side of my face and ultimately had done damage to both knees and both hips and both shoulders. it started me on a long road to recovery. >> as i understand it, you had ten or more surgeries over four
2:47 pm
years. how are you now? how is the recovery going now? you look great. and by the way, thank you so much for your service for this country. >> you're welcome. and thank you. i feel good generally. my injuries did cause me to be medically retired from the army and declared unfit for service after a four-year recovery. as you mentioned, ten major surgeries. there are certainly residual effects but i get by day to day. >> you're doing more than getting by. you were obviously involved with this new campaign. i absolutely love it. got your 6. we showed a little clip of it. what does this campaign mean for you? >> this campaign means a lot to me both personally and professionally. got your 6 in military speak, it means i've got your back and you've got my back, too. it means we're all in this together. and that's how we look at the campaign. we're you about i'ding the entertainment industry with top tier nonprofits so we can ensure
2:48 pm
that the country knows that veterans and military families are civic assets and leaders that will do a lot to re reinvigorate them. >> you mentioned television networks, unions, nonprofits. it is so easy for people to say they support the troop or stand with our shoulders but sometimes you've heard, i'm sure, that the political debate can get nasty and divisive. this reminds us that we really should have each other's backs in all cases. >> we see the entertainment industry as an example. they're able to put aside any competitive interests that they have for this single issue. this single cause. and it is because it is unique. it is more than we support the troops or thank you for your service. it is we still need you. you're very, veterans are very important as they return home. and they're trained to be leaders. they're trained to be problem
2:49 pm
solvers and team builders and they're a critical resource in our country as they return. >> you've got your 6 pin. on i know a lot of celebrities have popped up on red carpets and different events with their 6 pin on as well. >> yeah. we had a bit of a whisper campaign going on for the past couple months and really ramped it up in the last week. just prominent appearances of the 6 pin on great shows like american idol, "the voice" and tom hanks' work on the oscars. we've created some organic buzz by putting it out there and today is our big launch. >> with you having our 6 and all the military men and women out there, it is an honor. thank you so much. and we got your 6 right here on the news nation. we won't forget that. thank you so much. >> thank you. and i've got yours, too. >> thank you. coming up, our gut check. first, we were so moved by the got your 6 public service announcement of that campaign, we wanted to take another look at one as we go to break.
2:50 pm
we've got your 6. >> in the military, got your 6 means i've got your back. >> they've got our 6. >> it's time we got theirs. >> do jobs, education, housing and more -- >> we can support returning military veterans and their families. >> to find out more information, go to got your >> they've got our 6. ♪ you make me happy [ female announcer ] choose the same brand your mom trusted for you. children's tylenol, the #1 brand of pain and fever relief recommended by pediatricians and used by moms decade after decade. the health of our cells plays a key role throughout our entire lives. ♪ one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin, designed for many of men's health concerns as we age. ♪ it has more of seven antioxidants
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developing news, air force one landing in seattle. the president covering a few key states out west. we wanted to give you that image before we transition to "news nation" gut check. as mentioned, president obama may have voiced his support for same sex marriage but does not seem as ready to bring legislation to the national stage. in his historic interview with robin roberts, the president said his evolution represented his personal view and he would prefer for individual states to decide the issue on their own.
2:54 pm
>> i continue to believe this is an issue that will be worked out at the local level because historically, this has not been a federal issue. i think it is important to recognize that folks who feel very strongly that marriage should be defined narrowly between a man and a woman. many are not coming at it from a mean-spirited perspective. a bunch of them are friends of mine. >> so what does your gut tell you? do you agree with the president? that state should decide whether same second marriage should be legal. go to to cast your vote. thank you so much for joining us. take a look at what the nation is saying about yesterday's gut check. does president obama need to clarify his position on same sex marriage? 24% of you said yes. 76% said no and he clarified it any way. i am tamron hall. thank you for joining us. tomorrow on "news nation," i'll get the wrap-up. tonight with george clooney. and we'll look at the week that was. our post script for what was an
2:55 pm
incredible and historic week. my buddy martin bashir is up next. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. and celebrex is not a narcotic. when it comes to relieving your arthritis pain, you and your doctor need to balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen,
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good afternoon. it's thursday, may the 10th. here's what's happening. he started with this. >> i think same sex couple should be able to get married. >> then moved on to this. >> i'll take a lot of credit. >> i think this is one of his etch a sketch moments. i don't think anybody takes that seriousl people remember his politics which was what's let detroit go bankrupt. >> the president takes aim at one willard mitt romney and the gloves come off. >> had we followed his advice at that time, gm and crisis letter would have gone under and we would have lost probably a million jobs in the midwest. >> aren't there issues of significant you would like to talk about? the economy, the economy, the economy.
2:59 pm
>> mitt romney in a sharp character clash as both candidates hit the road to bring in the big money for a fierce general electric battle. the president has just arrived on the west coast. where he'll host a fund-raiser in seattle before moving on to che clooney for a star studded event expected to raise some $15 million. there he is by air force one. that number may even see a boost with a hollywood crowd that has been vocal about its support for the president's affirmation of same sex marriage just 24 hours ago. it's that ground breaking statement that is drawing a stark could that trntrast. even as mr. romney travels to omaha to milk the midwest cash cow, he is facing a blistering important trail of him as an anti-gay prep


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